"Already imported" error with Azure devops deployment


In my project I am using XL Deploy plugin with Azure Devops, We are facing an issue when we want to deploy the same application on 2 different environments. For the first one there is no problem, but the second one cannot be done because it tries to import again to XL Deploy the application, so we have to deploy it directly from XL Deploy and we cannot do it totaly automatized.

I know there is a way of “igonring” the error or skipping this step (see screenshot)

But I am quite knew to XL Deploy and even after reading the documentation about the manifest file I can’t manage to understand what I need to add in my manifest file. I asked a question some weeks ago on the visual studio market place but I had no answers so i’m trying here :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your time !

Version of XL Deploy used: 10.3.2
Plugin for Azure Devops version: 8.5.8
We are using the “Deploy with XL Deploy” task (as the other tasks can only be used in build pipeline and not in release pipeline)

I found the solution, I read again the docs and found this:

Please also have a look to the more modern approach to define everything in yaml files instead of DAR File and Manifest Definition:


Specific for Azure Devops: