Capture "Link" in a variable

Hi Team,

Is there any way of capturing ServiceNow Link (Record Form View) in “ServiceNow: Create Change Request Task” in a variable. PFA screenshot.

The purpose is to send notification to the service owner for approval in slack/email and the slack message or email should contain the direct link to the ServiceNow change request.

Please suggest any way for this use case.


The plugin itself needs to updated in order to expose the URL of the record as an output property, that can then be mapped to a variable.

Without touching the plugin, the only thing that I can think of is to add a script task that will ‘screen scrape’ the logs of the previous task looking for Record Form View urls and then put them in a variable.

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Hes Siemelink

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Hi Hes,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve found a temporary solution instead of tweaking the plugin itself.

Since ServiceNow instance/url is fixed for this use case, the link to a change request in ServiceNow can be captured like below and can be directly used in email body or slack message.${change_sysid}

Here, change request sysid is getting captured from output properties in “servicenow: change request task”


Even better! Great solution

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