Deployment automation of technical base, is it possible with XL Deploy?


I am thinking on XL Deploy platform in order to deploy all technical base. I would to know exactly, if is It possible to deploy all technical base on XL Deploy platform? Such as data base, servers, plugins, war, ear, jar, and Dev, Test, PProd, Prod environments …


Hello bmfouka,

Thank you for posting your question here … yes you can use XLDeploy for doing all these deployments … Please check this link about what integrations XLDeploy have.
Also i would recommend you to go through this page get started with xl-deploy in which you can download trial version and follow some of examples in connect to your infrastructure.
For Database deployments you can refer to this database integration.
You can also go through these videos to get more idea about XLDeploy and how to manage deployments through it.

Please feel free to ask here in our community if you have any issues or questions.