Duplicate Failure notifications when subrelease fails

Hello all,

I’m trying to conceptualize how I could limit the failure emails when using subreleases.

When I call a subrelease, and a task in that subrelease fails, I get two failure notifications:

  1. The failure message from the subrelease since a task failed
  2. The failure message from the parent release since the subrelease is in a failed state

Is there any way to either:

  1. Prevent failure notifications from a given task
  2. Prevent failure notifications from the parent if a sub


And maybe a more concise question would be “Can I control failure notifications from a given task?”

Hi smacz, Not in the moment. The only workaround is to control who will get the notifications by having different Release Admins for the SubRelease and different task owners, you could think of a “dummy” taslk owner for the subrelease and the mail to this is filtered out.
If you want, you could file a feature request here:

Have you tried adding a a watcher to a task?