Expand exchange email distribution list and store results in a variable

XLR Notification task is not working to send emails to an exchange email distribution list.

  1. I would like to know if anyone has a workaround to send emails to a DL.
  2. Anybody has a Jython script to expand exchange email distribution list and store results in a variable?
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From my view, you would need to create quite a lot of logic behind this (that’s normaly build into your exchange client like Outlook or others) . Would it be not much easiert to assign a mail adress to the distribution list and use this mail adress inside XLR ?
If you realy want to do the complicated way, you need to use some Exchange python or java client libs , bc the extraction of the individuals from a list must be done via exchange API, example:

Hope that helps !

Thank you for the reply Matthias. I have tried sending to the mail address of the Exchange distribution list, it is not working. I have played with the permissions of DL in ecp… no luck.

I have found exchangelib module and tried to extract a DL from Windows laptop…it is working fine. I have to try adding this module to jython standalone jar in lib folder.