Export template in human-readable format?


In the same way a Releasefile can be exported from XLR, is there any other way to export a template or release to a human-readable format?

The Excel export does not contain the definition of all steps and the Releasefile is kind of readable, but not exactly meant to be consumed by humans.



Good morning ,
yes, you are correct, the ReleaseFile is a medium mainly for Machine-and-Human readable exchange (more like a programming language if you want).
The same is for the yaml format, but it is a bit simpler than the ReleaseFile groovy format:

Did you also have a look at https://docs.xebialabs.com/v.9.0/xl-release/how-to/generate-release-audit-report/#generate-release-audit-report - this is for completet releases and specifically targeted for humans from the compliance perspective.