[HELP]New XLD8.5.4 cant write to a NAS based repository


I have a XLD8.5.4 server newly installed. And for xl-deploy.conf, I set as below.
repository {
artifacts {
# Database connection configuration for repository data
database {


XLD is running in windows, and the service account running XLD service has RW access to //XXXXX/XXXXX/repository as read/write test via windows explorer. Also for the first test the XLD service starts, it will create “artifacts” folder under “\XXXXX\XXXXX\repository”

Things looks okay to me but after new app is created, says with a nxsGeneric.File component, I found nothing is created under “\XXXXX\XXXXX\repository” though there are no errors shown in XLD GUI. And when I attempt to deploy this app, the following error is prompted.

com.xebialabs.deployit.exception.RuntimeIOException: java.io.FileNotFoundException: \XXXXXXXXXX\repository\artifacts\25\8b\69\258b699429dc4f4f569bf154fa502ae3958cf526 (The system cannot find the file specified)

Seems for some reasons, XLD service cannot/doesnt write the contents to the NAS folder for repository. Any hints on it?



I think we are working in the same company, if you want you can contact me to debug together…
knowing that the type that you are using is something cutomized by us …

thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Karim Beji

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