How do i escape a "|" (pipe) char in a commandline?

I’m having the following issue; if i add a powershell command line object, it looks fine in the editor, but when it runs, it has a problem with the | character, it says there is a ‘^’ in front of it.

powershell.exe "'AP-BVH-BOSZ-ZB-T','AP-BVH-BOSZEPBRECEIVER-ZB-T' | Foreach-Object{Remove-WebAppPool -Name $_ }"

When running i get the error:

Executing command line : powershell.exe "'AP-BVH-BOSZ-ZB-T','AP-BVH-BOSZEPBRECEIVER-ZB-T'^|Foreach-Object{Remove-WebAppPool -Name $_ }"
At line:1 char:49
Unexpected token '^' in expression or statement.
    + CategoryInfo          : ParserError:  ( : ) [], ParentContainsErrorRecordEx 
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken

I’ve already tried to replace the | with &#124 in the manifest.xml, that show up as a | in the GUI, but when i run it, the error still occures…

How do i fix this?