How does a release template associate with an application?


Something I’m not understanding and I don’t seem to see the documentation is…

How does a release template associate with an application? In a release template I can use the planner to set how long release phases last. I assumed that this would somehow show up in the scheduler.

However I create an application and associate that with environments but I haven’t seen anyway to associate an application with a release template.

How does this work? Where is the best documentation on it?

OK I just found it, it appears to be in task attributes.

So why can’t I associate at least a phase to an application? Is that possible? Do I have to associate each task to an application?


Hi Kelly!

Indeed, the task attributes :). Happy you found it.

The thought about the attributes is that you associate tasks that do something directly ‘with’ that application, usually, deploy it. In the future we’ll extend the attributes with other concept in the release process (think of testing campaign for example).

Thanks for your feedback! It allows us to make the documentation better :slight_smile:

Have a great week.


Good question about the phase, they don’t really have properties that can help them associate to Applications. However, group tasks (sequential and parallel) can have attributes, so you could achieve the same ends with a group of tasks in a phase.

Hope this helps