How to attach file to notification task


As part of the release the notification task is used to communicate to stakeholders. However, we need share some information with that mail that is stored in an excel file. How can we attach that excel file to the e-mail?
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I am currently investigating this, the best idea I have at the moment is some form of central storage for the attachment outside of XL Release and referencing it in the email. If the file is added programatically we may have other options for providing access to it, looking into that now.

Can I confirm your use case

  1. actors in the release upload an excel file as part of one of their manual tasks
  2. that file is required to be distributed to a wider audience than has access to XL Release


  • Is XL Release to be your strategic storage location for release specific evidence?
  • Is there any form of acknowledgement or other activity required post receipt of this file, or is it for information only?