How to move XLR Templates created in a Development/QA environment into a Production environment

I have made changes to my XLR Templates in my Development/QA environment and now want to move those changes into my Production environment. Is there a utility (or a way) to first backup my XLR Templates in my Production environments and then copy my XLR Templates from my Development/QA environment to my Production Environment? I was told by the previous XLR admin that for all of the changes you make in the Dev/QA environment, you must also make the same changes in the Production environment. There is no way to copy the Templates from Dev/QA to Production. This seems like doing double work to me and there must be a better/faster way.

From version 22.0 onwards, you can use Folder level version control to move templates from one server to another through Git.

Beside what Hes is saying, from 9.x on you can export templates as a yaml code via command line (devops as code),
you can do a "xl generate … " on the dev/qa server and a “xl apply …” on the prod side, from 22.0 you can use the approach Hes mentioned
What version you are using in dev and prod ?

WE are using Version 10.2.1 in both Dev\QA and Prod.