Installing XL Deploy using Kubernetes Operators

Hello there!

We are following the XebiaLabs official guide to install XL Deploy in an AWS EKS using Kubernetes Operator. To give you more context about our environment: we have an AWS EKS cluster and we operate it from an AWS EC2 instance.
The guide tells us to (after updating the AWS EKS cluster information in infraestructure.yaml file, updating the default Custom Resource Definitions with the license and repository keystore, and installing the XebiaLabs CLI) deploy XL Deploy using Docker and after that to use the CLI to “activate” the deployment process. We don’t understand why this is neccesary and why the installation do not directly deploy all the Kubernetes resources needed inside the cluster. We were using Helm charts before which with a simple command it deploys all the resources needed in the Kubernetes cluster and maybe because of this we are not understanding why it is neccesary to create a Docker container.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Felipe

The Docker step proved cumbersome indeed and we have removed it in our most recent version 22.3 that was releases earlier this month.

The xl utility now takes care of everything through the xl kube command.

Please take a look at the documentation and let me know if that makes things clearer

The xl kube command takes care of:

  1. Interactive wizard to ask for relevant information only – no need to wade through pages of documentation and Yaml to get going
  2. Generation of Yaml files
  3. Applying Yaml files in the right order using kubectl
  4. Waiting for successful installation and error reporting in case something went wrong.

You can enter / leave at any step of the process. For example, you can use xl kube once to generate the needed Yaml files and then manually apply them with kubectl. Or store them in Git and do GitOps style installations.

The xl kube utility supports upgrades from previous versions already installed in Kubernetes.

I hope this helps, please give it a spin!

Kind regards,

Hes Siemelink
Principal Product Manager, Release


Hi @Hes

I am going to try it with the new version of the XL CLI.

Thanks for you response!