Large configuration artifacts

Hello there,

One of the principles behind XL Deploy, is that the run-time configuration of software is separated from its software packages.
Using dictionaries and placeholders, one can configure environments in such a way, that the same DAR can be deployed on separated machines, in differing environments. This is great.

However, as can be read in the XL Deploy documentation, values associated with placeholders, should be limited in size:

Although XL Deploy does not limit the length of placeholder values stored in dictionaries, it is recommended that you avoid dictionary keys or values over 100 characters in length.

For most settings, this is enough, but sometimes, one would like to use larger configuration strings. This is especially true for SSL-certificates or plain RSA public keys. These are typically larger than 1KB.

So I wonder, what is the XL Deploy way of dealing with these larger configuration artifacts?
I don’t wanna include any certificates in my software packages, as they are environment dependent, and yet, I can’t include them in my dictionaries either, cause they are too large.

Thank you.

Kind regards.