License Utilization

Hello Team,

How to find no of users license utilization in XL Release?

Also, in case of exceed of no of users in XL release, will it log any exceptions, will it stop working i mean what will be next steps we need to do?

Hi Mhira,

If you reached the max number of users, XLR is not stop working, the only thing is that you cannot add new users to the system.
Lets say you have 500 users in your license file, and the users #501 want access, you need to remove another user from the system first (or buy another license). Another thing is if you license is expired (if you have a subscription licenses), then the server still starts, but you cannot create new releases, everyhting is in read only mode until you get a new valid license.
You can see number of licenses in the “about box” in XLR: and you get something like this (from my Test / Demo Setup):
Expires on 11.01.21
Maximum number of users 10

Hope that helps
PS: If you want to disclose your location and company name, I can connect you with the right Account Manager …

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