Mass ReDeployment Of Same Version



We have an instance where we want to be able to redepoy all of the services for an application after a configuration change that does not require rebuild. Example: password change or db url change.

Any one have any examples of how they have solved this scenario? If not, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!



If those kind of configurations are stored in dictionaries which are attached to the environment, you can update the environment without deploying any new version. To do so, look for the application deployed on the environment, click the triple dot and do a Update deployment.
If you have configured xldeploy correctly, only the configuration files will be updated.


Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.

That would for sure work, but two questions:

  1. What if there are 100-200 services that need to be redeployed. Does someone have to manually click into each one and update deployment?
  2. We would want to expose this function via a template so as it can be manually done and does not require someone to have to click on each item to redeploy.



I thought your were talking about XLDeploy, but the post is in XLRelease.
It depend on how you are doing your deployment.

If your deployment tools are able to be called automatically, you can create a new task type that will call your deployment tool and execute the redeploy. It would then be really easy to create a xlrelease template for those services.