Multiple "Status to check for" in ServiceNow "Wait For" task


Hello all,

I’m using XLRelease to basically shepherd through a change ticket in ServiceNow. It’s doing a great job, except for that when I’m waiting on an external resource to close their tasks, I have to have them Close Complete the task. There are other statuses that are viable, such as Closed Skipped and Closed Loop-Back that I would like to simultaneously check for and have as a success condition.

Is there a way that I can have XLRelease accept any of the above statuses as a success condition for the “Status to check for” field in the ServiceNow plugin’s “Wait for” task?


I’m still looking for a way to do this. I’m not sure if this would take multiple “Wait for Status” tasks or if I could do it in one task.


This would require a change to the plugin -

You can create pull request there.


Actually, you probably are not using the community implementation. You will need to create a Feature Request to have the bundled service now integration changed -