My XLD work directory is filling up

Problem Statement
My xl-deploy work directory is piling up. Is this safe to wipe out?

When the XL Deploy server is running, files in the work directory may be in use. In addition, if a task is not finished before you stop the XL Deploy server, XL Deploy will recover the task when the server is restarted. After recovery, the task needs access to the files that it previously created in the work directory.

Before cleaning up the work directory, verify that all running tasks are finished and archived.

To do this, log in to XL Deploy as an administrator, go to the Explorer , expand Monitoring , open Deployment tasks , and select All Tasks .

After you have verified that there are no running tasks, you can shut down the XL Deploy serve( and safely delete the files in the work directory.

NOTE Make sure there is no active task before wiping out the work directory otherwise you need to start the fresh deployment.