New Task View script font too small

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the font size of the script box in the new Task View? The font is too small. I know that I can enlarge the whole page in the browser but the layout get real bad and other things are huge. Maybe there is a CSS page I can customize?

Please send a screen shot to help me understand your situation

I don’t think we made the font size smaller than it was before. Personally I find the viewport too small but OK-ish.

Kind regards,

Hes Siemelink

These are two screenshots of the same script from the same browser/monitor. The readability, coloring and font size of the second script is really bad. This is from Google Chrome on Kubuntu Linux.

Also, it is troublesome that you can’t open scripts up in a larger modal window like before. The Unix Task now only gives a 4 line un-resizable window to see the script which is also painful.

Thanks Russell, we will look into it!