Newline in StringVariable


Hello all,

I am looking to be able to insert a newline character into a string variable.

I am setting the “Description” field of a ServiceNow task with a variable. However, I am not able to pass in a newline. This leads to a long unbroken line being put into the description, which becomes unreadable for long descriptions of tasks.

The type of variable that I’m using right now is a “StringVariable”. I have tried the following:

  • \n
  • \\n

Both of them simply pass the literal strings instead of a newline character.

Is there a way for me to pass a newline character in a StringVariable variable type?


Use the ‘multiline’ checkbox on the Variable definition that should allow you to do this.

Hope this helps,

Hes Siemelink


Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I do not see a checkbox like that on the variable definition:

Is there somewhere else that I should be looking?


Just checked, it was introduced in XL Release 9.5.0

[REL-9158] - Added support for multilines in text variables


Noted. We were running 9.0.6, so I’ll perform an upgrade and look into this after. Thanks!

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