Old release folder doesn't get deleted when update is run

I’m installing a website in IIS using xldeploy. So, the initial install will make folders (named after the version, e.g. “1.0.0” and copy the content, and then it will create the website and apppools etc. So far so good. But, if i run a 2nd deployment with a newer version, like 1.0.1, everything gets replaced and updated, the website and apppools etc point to the new folder (1.0.1) but… the old 1.0.0 folder is not removed. The iis.WebContent item does not have a flag or setting that forces the folder to be removed.

Now, my guess is that this is by design, and that xldeploy expects that a newer version will overwrite the old version, and should be copied to the same folder? So my way of working with folder-versions for each release is not the correct approach?

correct, target folders etc should be the same. thats the advantage of deploy, it finds out himself what was changed and deploys only changed artefacts

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