Openjdk 13 issues

Trying to run xld and gets a failure stating are you missing jython/python. Went to java 8 and it works. I did comparison on each file on each machine. Xl config doesn’t 't change much except for path for java. But classpath in is identical. And lib of course is identical, same with ext, plugins and conf.

This is the adapt open JDK 13.

Currently a bit stumped.

If you want openJDK, you should use openJDK 11.
Please see also:
Oracle, IBM, Apple Java Development Kit (JDK), and OpenJDK: JDK 1.8.0_161 or later, or JDK 11.

Important: XL Deploy is not supported on non-LTS Java Development Kits (JDKs). See the Java SE support roadmap for details on which Java versions are LTS and non-LTS.

Hope that helps !
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I was not even thinking. Thank you. Adopt open JFK 12 fits in perfectly. I had to modify a few things in applejack templates but overall it is running good now.