Orange items, why do i need to move them manually?

I’ve added a file and a (powershell) cmd line item to my package. The powershell command needs to run the file (which is the actual powershell script) as the last item to be deployed. However, when i create a deployment using the UI, these 2 items are orange colored, and are not automatically moved over to the right column. I can however move them manually, and when deployment runs, it works ok, but why are these 2 items orange and not moved automatically like the rest? The UI doesn’t give me any clues about possible errors or missing fields? All seems ok?

For future reference / others who experience the same issue:

For some reason, xldeploy can not match files & cmdline items to an environment/infrastructure directly. You have to use tags to tell xldeploy where each file or command is needed. By adding tags now the wizard moves the files & commandlines automatically to the right column.

If there are no tags on infra and/or deployeds, mapping should be done automatically to all things matching the types…

see details here in the docs:

Yeah i know, but like i said, omitting tags in this case, xldeploy can’t map automatically. Maybe there is some field or value missing or incorrect, but the interface does not comment on anything being wrong. So, using tags to force the mapping is the only way to make it work.

please double check, if there are tags on either infra or deployables, otherwise mapping will be done in any case automatically

Double check, triple check. I can’t see any errors. Xldeploy doesnt show any errors. The only way i can make this work is by using tags.