Placeholders issue

I have this line in my environment.yml:

Deployment.App.AppRoot: D:\Temp
App.AppRoot: {{Deployment.App.AppRoot}}\TESTAPP

If i apply and push this using CLI, i get a huge error:
panic: attempted to parse unknown event: none [recovered]

I found out that for some reason the VALUE of App.AppRoot is NOT allowed to start with a placeholder… if i add any character or text before it, like this:

App.AppRoot: XXX{{Deployment.App.AppRoot}}\TESTAPP

It works fine…

Why is it not possible to use placeholders like this? It totally defeats the purpose?

I am just guessing, but when starting value with a letter, yaml knows it’s a string. Starting with a symbol you have to force it as a string. Try using “{{Dep,…}} \TESTAPP”

(notice the quotes)

Thanks, that is the solution :slight_smile: tried to enclose the placeholder only before but you have to enclose the complete value in quotes, like you show as well:
App.AppRoot: "{{Deployment.App.AppRoot}}\TESTAPP"