Question for adding new menu items


I there a way to secure the menu? That is my last piece in the puzzle if I cannot secure to certain groups I will have to rethink, but if other menu items are secure there has to be a way to secure my own menu’s but I don’t see anything in docs relating or I overlooked.

Hi Kevin, here’s a snippet of one of our core xl-ui-plugin.xml files, I hope this helps

<menu id="" label="Settings" weight="60">
    <menu-item label="General" path-suffix="general-settings" weight="10" uri="">
        <property name="permissions" value="admin"/>
    <menu-item label="Global variables" path-suffix="global-variables" weight="20" uri=""/>
    <menu-item label="Shared configuration" path-suffix="configuration" weight="30" uri="">
        <property name="permissions" value="admin,all#audit"/>
    <menu-item label="SMTP server" path-suffix="smtp" weight="40" uri="">
        <property name="permissions" value="admin"/>
    <menu-item label="Risk profile" path-suffix="risks" weight="45" uri=""/>
    <menu-item label="Task access" path-suffix="task-access" weight="50" uri="">
        <property name="permissions" value="security#edit"/>
    <menu-item label="Notifications" path-suffix="notification-settings" weight="60" uri="">
        <property name="permissions" value="admin"/>

Kind regards,

Hes Siemelink

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