Recycling XL Release and XL Deploy


Just looking to get feed back on to how long does everyone leave XL Release and XL Deploy up and running before recycling the app. Do you recycle it monthly?


Every two weeks. Heap memory tends to run high close to that time but we average 2000+ deploys a week. So stuck deploys are cleaned and satellites. All get restarted. Xlr tends to be steady as long as abandoned releases are clraned, otherwise scheduler goes a looping. So anything not touched in a month is abandoned, which helps more than a recycyle but we do it anyways.

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With 2k+ deploys a week, how do you manage your archive? Since there seems to be no way to prune the archive do you just periodically dump it, or just keep adding storage to let it grow?

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For now it’s been let it grow. The upgrade from VERSION 7 to 8.6.1 took 3 to 4 days on the archive. I stoppef real time backed up to another machine it wss about 15Gb at this poinT. not all deploys come from xlr so s majority of relrases are bssic in xlr. The upgrade to 9 took 5 to 10 minutes so far. Long term strategy is still sn open task