Repository name installing XL Deploy


I am installing XL Deploy in an EKS using XL CLI version 22.3. In order to install it I must provide a repository name. I use an JFrog Artifactory instance as a artifacts and images repository. I was wondering if there’s some way to pull the Docker images from this Artifactory instance. I have tried with the following name:, but it fails and return an error pulling image, so I don’t know how can I use the Artifactory instance as the source repository for XL Deploy image.

I would be grateful if you could help me.

yes, you can use custom image storage location, but the images must exist there, also you might need to provide authentication against your private docker repo. Please look here: and specifically the “ImagePullSecret Specifies docker-registry secret names. Secrets must be manually created in the namespace NA” must be set.

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