Restrict access to certain tasks within a Release

Is there a way I can allow users to view/transition certain tasks within Release flow, and restrict them from not being able to view/transition certain other tasks? So far I can not find a way to restrict access to individual tasks, the permissions are for all the tasks within a release, that I have understood so far. Any thoughts? This topic by @gsajwan also mentions something similar but does not give detail as to how this could be achieved - Using Password Variable in Jython Script Task - “plan to restrict the Jython script task to only a limited set of users” . Any thoughts?


You can use the Task Access feature to restrict view and edit capability for certain task types to a certain role. This is a global setting and allows you to say somehting like “Only people in Dev role can add and edit Script tasks.”

For individual tasks within a release, use the Lock task feature. Access can be defined on the Team level.

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Hes Siemelink

Thanks for your response @Hes , " Lock task" feature definitely will help me in configuring certain tasks within a Release in a way that they are only allowed to be completed/failed by only certain users/teams. Also, if I understood it correctly “Task Access” feature allows to restrict users from not being able to “ADD” a certain task type or “EDIT” it, but even if they do not have access to that task type, they will still be able to “VIEW” it, for example, the content of a Jython script task, so it does not really restrict view access. Is that correct, or am I doing something wrong?

There is no option to hide task contents for certain users in XL Release.

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