Retrieve package information with Api call



I’m looking for a way to know if a package have already been pushed in prod at one time. Do you believe this can be possible ?
I can easily find the curent package installed. but can’t know for a given package, if it was at a moment been used in production.

thank you for your help.


Hi there,

There is no public API for this, it might be a good candidate for a feature request.

You should be able to get this info from reports in the Web UI.



Adam et al,
would not a query to the Environment used for production not be a solution.
If package shows under production environmrnt it would be used.


That seems to be the same thing as finding the currently deployed package, which the user is already able to do. I read the question as “was a package ever deployed?”


Adam, i stand corrected the deployment reports, screen search only (unless you go deep diving :))
Just don’t tell Dan R


thank you for your responses.
the Deployement report from web UI is giving me information I need.
do you know if it’s possible to get this from the API ?
I can see a POST method to https://<XLD_URL>/deployit/internal/reports/tasks
but it’s not allowed :frowning:


Yeah that is an internal API call. Even if you could get it to work, any integration that uses it could break as that call is subject to change from version to version, and it is not documented for public use so there will not be any notice of any changes. The best way forward from here would be a feature request.