Running xl command against a dev site https x509

We have some blueprints written but as we move to the k8s platform, I have run into a bit of a nightmare on the certs. First the off the bat I get an error applying the produced yaml that raises a x509 issue. I have gone thru keychain on mac and all are trusted leading me to it has to be either a keystore or ca cert path in .xebialabs directory. I cannot find docs on what to do and my trace isn’t very verbose. Any guides. Help ideas

Good morning, the xl command line uses the OS level keystore. you cannot specify and special xl keystore at the moment. An example is here: Also set the
--xl-deploy-authmethod string to https.

I did figure out it help with the link. I played around with http_proxy and OpenSolaris. Every so often the proxy cert would pop up. If I trusted it to the os it works. But I had to run OpenSolaris against Google a few times to see it setting env var http_proxy to what the pac file would set. Took me some tries