Servicenow Plugin

Hello Folks,

Is there any task to relate one change request with another in servicenow through XLR?
I couldn’t find any task for that, maybe I am missing.

Please let me know.

Hi there,

Could you elaborate on how you see this relation working - how would you do it within ServiceNow itself? Are you talking about having a parent ticket with a number of child tickets?

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Hi Rob,

Basically we relate prod change request with QA change request. Below is the REST API query in servicenow.

Endpoint: POST Payload: {“parent”:“8dd962dd379bb9807cae27d2b”,“child”:“040331e0db40ac98fd07b5b961”,“type”:“d80d5ec20a25810200be8bc510”}

Parent: sys_id of CHG001234 , Child: sys_id of CHG001435 and Type: sys_id of Related to:Related to.