SIB Queue connection factories for websphere application server

In websphere application server, while creating “SIB Queue connection factories” we have a property “Provider endpoints” and value For example Merlin:7276:BootstrapBasicMessaging

I didn’t find any CI’s in XLDeploy for this, Could some one please help on it

you can easily add our own properties, the doc how to do it is here:

Adding a property

The architecture of the WAS plugin enables the transfer of properties from the deployed ( was.VirtualHost in this example) to the accompanying Python scripts defined with the properties createScript and destroyScript . In order for this to be possible, the properties are bound to an object called deployed and can be accessed as deployed.<property-name> . This can be seen in the creation script, where the property aliases is available as deployed.aliases and the name of the virtual host as . Using this convention as many properties as needed by the scripts can be bound to the type definition. Care should be taken that the scripts use the same type as specified in the definition, so if a property defines a kind=integer , the script should also treat the value of this property as being of type integer .

An example of adding another property is:

<property name='index-range' kind='integer' value='999' description='maximum index of an array of 1000 items'/>