Solution: Create Release from Jenkins Pipeline with variable Parameters

You can use Jenkins pipeline to start releases from templates and transfer variables from Jenkins to Release:

Difficulty: you have to deal with embedded Strings (Jenkins Variables inside Strings) and this leads to the question how you have to format that in the Jenkins pipeline file. Here is one example


  • existing Release Template with a releaseVariable[‘myVersion’], which is mandatory and have “Show on Create Release Form” property activated in Release Template variable section
  • Jenkins variables ${XL_DEPLOY_PACKAGE_VERSION} which contains the version you want to deploy

xlrCreateRelease serverCredentials: ‘ReleaseCredentials’, template: ‘MyTemplateFolder/MyTemplate’, releaseTitle: “Release for ${XL_DEPLOY_PACKAGE_VERSION}” , variables: [[propertyName: ‘myVersion’, propertyValue: “${XL_DEPLOY_PACKAGE_VERSION}”]], startRelease: true