To get username who is logged in


We use XL Release 8.0.4 and think to upgrade it to 9.0. We also want to dashboard utility effectively.
We want to try, for example, create a dashboard to show releases which have tags like “RESPONSIBLE:USERNAME” where USERNAME is the user logged in. We also want to do some operations getting the username who is logged in but we couldn’t find any ways to get username of logged in.
Could you pls share if you know how to get it?




For example, when “My tasks” clicked, log appears like that:
“2019-09-13 16:55:42.276 [qtp1306535359-28] {request=/tasks/search, method=POST, username=XXX} INFO c.x.x.service.SqlTaskSearchService - com.xebialabs.xlrelease.views.TasksFilters@1497510b: Searching with 2 principals and 0 roles”

So in fact it is possible to get username :slight_smile: but HOW?