Triggering a Re-Deployment

Hi All,

If I need to rebuild a server which is utilised in an XLD environment (drop-recreate from a new image , say because it’s had some config drift and I want to start again with that server), how can I get XLD to “re-deploy” the current version once the server is back?

Ideally, I’d do this from my Jenkins pipeline since other parts of the server re-build are done that way.

(The server will be rebuilt with same name. Is there any need to “re-register the host” in any way?)

In upcoming release this should be possible ie able to re-deploy the same version just like a normal deployment.
A new deployment property called “Re Deploy” if enabled will delete the old deployment and do the same version similar to “Initial Deployment” of the application.

Currently its possible by undeploy and deploy of the version.

Thanks Annapoorni,

Is the current method using this “Undeploy” possible for just one server, or is it done at the application level? If an application is deployed to 4 web servers, I’d ideally be able to perform this action just on one of them at a time.