Trying to use the xld-plugin but documentation is sparse


So specifically I"m trying to use the xld-plugin for xl-release and the specific task is XL Deploy - Create CI

I’m purely speculating based on the nature of this documentation but this seems like a very important aspect of a deployment, to create a CI

Here is the documentation I have found thus far
The Create CI task is an automated task that creates a CI and optionally adds it to an environment.

You can create a Create CI task in XL Release by adding a task of type XL Deploy -> Create CI with the following properties:

  • Server : [Required] XL Deploy Server to connect to.
  • Username : Required if not provided in Shared configuration.
  • Password : Required if not provided in Shared configuration.
  • CI ID : [Required] Full Configuration Item ID (Example: Applications/PetClinic/1.0/CIName ).
  • CI Type : [Required] The type of the Configuration Item (Example: udm.Application ).
  • Xml Descriptor : XML with the fields to set on the CI.
  • Add To Environment : Switch this to add the CI to an environment.
  • Environment ID : Environment where to add the CI.

I’m guessing, based on what I see here is that the Xml Descriptor is key to this. So uh…any specifics on what I might put in that descriptor?


Is there documentation that describes what I would think is the extremely common CD scenario of xl-release being triggered from something like artifactory to create a release, and then xl-release, creating a deployment package and then deploying using xl-deploy.

It seems like this scenario documentation is missing? Or am I just unable to find it?


Hello Kelly,

Thank you for feedback regarding documentation in this part, we will take this in to consideration.

Regarding your question … Xml Descriptor is not a required property but still it is needed for fields to set on that CI you want to create … for more details you can check based on which CI you want to create what are fields need to be defined under plugin reference documentation.

Let me explain with a simple example … If you are trying to define a simple CI like a command … you can pass in Xml Descriptor the exact commandLine to be used like <commandLine>uname -a</commandLine>

You can also have a look on this link which contains more details if you want for example to create Windows host xlr-xldeploy plugin types check Create CI section.