Unable to practise XL Deploy in AWS EC2 Instance

Hello team,

While practiseing XL Deploy in AWS EC2 instance i am facing issue while configuring infrastructure.

I have followed below instructions.

First i have created a CentOS EC2 Instance with t2.micro and installed
tomcat as below.

#Install apache along with java.
yum install tomcat* -y
#enable tomcat
systemctl enable tomcat
#start tomcat
systemctl start tomcat
#check tomcat health
curl localhost:8080

and changed password of centos ec2 instance by following below steps.

$ sudo su -
[root@ip-172-31-21-157 ~]# passwd root

Second i have created a CentOS EC2 Instance with t2.medium and installed
docker as below.

yum install -y wget
wget -O- https://get.docker.com/ | sh
systemctl status docker
systemctl start docker
systemctl enable docker
systemctl status docker
systemctl status -l docker

after creating both EC2 instance, i have logged in to xl deploy EC2
container and ran below docker container.

docker run -e \“ADMIN_PASSWORD=hari\” -e \“ACCEPT_EULA=Y\” -p 4516:4516
–name xld xebialabs/xl-deploy:8.6.2

When docker was up and running, i tried to create a infrastructure from
new -> overthere -> sshHost
and give below details and saved it.

Name: tomcat
Operating system: UNIX
Connection Type: SFTP
Address: I have pasted Public DNS (IPv4) of tomcat EC2 instance.
Port: 22
Username: root
Password: root password of tomcat

After configuring above details when i try to check connections it is
getting failed can you please check and advice.

FYR, i have attached screenshot please check.


Hello Hemanth,

Without knowing the cause of the failure, we can only guess at what the problem is. Typically in AWS situations, I’ve seen issues with security groups. You might double check that the expected security groups are applied and that they have rules that allow the network communications.

Is the root user allowed to use ssh/sftp on the tomcat host?

If you click on the step that failed, you’ll get more detail on what happened in that step, which may shed some light on what the problem is.


Thank you adam.
This issue happened due to authentication issue.
Now issue is resolved by enabling PubkeyAuthentication and PasswordAuthentication in path : /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

Please mark this issue as resolved.