Unable to upgrade xlr-bitbucket-plugin 1.0.7 to 10.1.1

Hi, am trying to upgrade xlr-bitbucket-plugin from 1.0.7 to 10.1.1 but when I restart xlrelease service I get the folowing statment:

2022-10-14 10:58:16.321 [main] {} INFO c.x.x.service.MissingTypesChecker - Missing types found, need to clean them up, asking user to confirm.

Any help please !

What version of Release is that ?
How did you update the plugin ? Via plugin manager or Filesystem ?

Am using Release version 10.3.15
And I did it with plugin manager in Release UI

The reason for the failure is:

  • we (Digital.ai) in-sourced the old community plugin some years back - while that process, we changes some internal types like “stash.Task” became “bitbucketServer.Task”.

How to solve the problem:
try to install both plugins at the same time… then convert the tasks from old plugin to the new (via the change task type).

and if you need help with that, you can always contact support@digital.ai (assuming you have a running support subscription with us)

Thank you for your response.
Please how can I install both plugins at the same time ? By uploading in Release UI both plugins at the same time and restart Release ?

well, thats a bit tricky, you have to rename one of them if they have the same name …
My advice would be to open a support ticket with support@digital.ai.