Undeploy IIS throws WinRmRuntimeIOException

I can deploy my website to IIS, but if i undeploy (from the XLDeploy GUI) i get an error:

Destroying application [xxx] in website [xxx].
Step failed
com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmRuntimeIOException: Unexpected HTTP response on https://xxx.local:5986/wsman:   (500)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmClient.doSendRequest(WinRmClient.java:428)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmClient.access$100(WinRmClient.java:89)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmClient$PrivilegedSendMessage.run(WinRmClient.java:382)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmClient$PrivilegedSendMessage.run(WinRmClient.java:371)
	at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
	at javax.security.auth.Subject.doAs(Subject.java:422)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmClient.runPrivileged(WinRmClient.java:357)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmClient.sendRequest(WinRmClient.java:341)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmClient.receiveOutput(WinRmClient.java:180)
	at com.xebialabs.overthere.winrm.WinRmConnection$2.run(WinRmConnection.java:150)

If i skip this, all is removed, except for the apppool(s). The apppools are stopped, but not removed. Everything else is. I have to remove the apppool manually. How do i fix this?

This error typically happens after a timeout.
Did you check the troubleshooting guide?


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Hi, yeah i’ve tried increasing the timeout on the host even up to 10 minutes. Still i get the error. I don’t have access to xldeploy’s settings however. The documentation says you have to change the timeout on both sides. I do have a feeling that this timeout has to do with the order of deploying and undeploying in IIS. Not clear what the correct order is regarding applications, pools, websites, content etc. I also have no idea how to force xldeploy to keep the order of deploying as stated in the manifest? Tried some orchestrators, but there seems to be no logic involved… at least not as i can see. Is there a way to force order?

Timeouts were changed to what the guide describes; still i get timeouts when destroying applications in IIS. Before destroying, the website is stopped, the apppools are stopped. If i run a powershell script on the IIS server itself to stop and remove in this order, it is literall done in less then a second… why is xldeploy taking forever, and then ends with a timeout error? All stop/start etc flags are set to true.

Also, XLDeploy doesn’t seem to actually destroy the apppools. The logging says it does, but when all is finished, the apppools are still there. They are stopped, but not removed. How do i fix that?

I get the feeling that XLDeploy does not play well with IIS? My fellow workers from the java/weblogic world don’t seem to have all these issues.

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