Unexpected End Of File position 323567

Problem Statement:
XL-Release task error out with below error but the task still running on the application(forex: Jenkins)

Exception during execution: com.jayway.jsonpath.InvalidJsonException: com.jayway.jsonpath.InvalidJsonException: net.minidev.json.parser.ParseException: Unexpected End Of File position 323567: EOF in <script> at line number

There is a 32 kb restriction on the size of the output log tuned for the performance.
You have a choice to increase it just for a Jenkins job task or globally for all the script based task

Under xlr_home/conf/deployit-defaults.peroperties
For Jenkins job only

# Maximum size of output property values of type string. Default value is 32768 (inherited from: xlrelease.PythonScript.maxOutputPropertySize)

Globally for all the task types:

xlrelease.PythonScript.maxOutputPropertySize= new value in KB 

NOTE It might cause performance issues if you are writing heavy stdout.