Update ok from XLDeploy GUI, not from Jenkins

Our deployment contains of an IIS website with 2 applications/apppools (webite and api) and 2 windows services. I’m having a lot of trouble tricking XLDeploy into doing things in the right order. I ended up literally prefixing every step with a number so XLDeploy is forced to do the task in THAT order, and undeploy in the reverse order. I do NOT have an orchestrator selected, for the love of god i can’t find any orchestrator or combination that works. So it is empty.

Now, i can succesfully deploy, in the right order FROM THE XLDEPLOY GUI/WEBSITE. Order is important, e.g. you can not install a or start a service if the content and folders are not there, you can not create an appool if the website is not created etc.

I can also update the deployment from the GUI/website with a newer version. So far so good.
But… we want to automate our deployments from within Jenkins, so ive created a pipeline that creates the package, uploads it together with environment, dictionaries and infrastructure, and deploys it using the XLDeploy plugin for Jenkins.

If i do the initial deployment from Jenkins, like from the GUI, all is ok. But if i deploy an update from Jenkins, it just messes up al steps. Order is totally f-cked up, steps are missing etc. It looks like the plugin is defaulting to some orchestrator on update? Again, i have NO orchestrator selected, since NO orchtestrator i tried is actually doing things in the right order.

Now, why is is that this works fine from within the GUI, but not when i run it from Jenkins? They are literally the same packages…

there is not guaranteed order unless you use the rule system, the name of the task is not a guarantee that is executed in that order, so just luck from the UI … You need to understand the rule system and how order is actually calculated in Deploy using the Rule system