Upon deployment my first phase of deploy works, second phase fails


In xl-release I have 3 phases QA, Test, Prod

First phase deployment succeeds but second phase deployment to test fails with this error

[ERROR]: Source file /opt/containers/authComponent/conf/Catalina/localhost/webapp.xml cannot be renamed to /opt/containers/authComponent/conf/Catalina/localhost/auth.xml, because file already exists.

Seems like this type of failure would have occured in every phase


Oddly this worked a few minutes ago


Hello Kelly,

Thank you for posting here, Well of course i donot know what exactly you are trying to achieve here i mean reason behind renaming this file webapp.xml during your deployment but this seems to be OS related error when you try to rename a file to new name which is already taken by another file in same directory.

So could you please check contents of /opt/containers/authComponent/conf/Catalina/localhost/ directory and see if you already have a file named auth.xml.