Use of folder.variable


Could You explain, how to use folder.variable feature to be able to save and keep data in those variables? I can create folder.variable (left it blank) but can’t fill it with output data from release task (can’t find folder.variable reference).
I followed that link:


Hi Jakub,

Thanks for contacting xebialabs.

You can not use folder variables on task output properties at the moment same as you can not use global variables on your task output properties.

But you can try following

  • Save the output of your task in one of your release variables say myRelVariable
  • Create a Jython script task after your task where you updated the myRelVariable variable on output property
  • Use public API in your jython script task folderVariables['folder.coolVar'] = releaseVariables['myRelVariable']
  • set automated user under your release properties
  • make sure the automated task user on the release properties have Edit folder variables permission

  • This way you can automate the update of folder variables via release variables

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Chitrang Natu


Thanks, it worked!
I needed also to add one step to what You have wrote- in my release in Show --> Properties --> Run automated tasks as user I had to include password and user, that have access to operate.