Use of variables in XL Deploy overthere.SshHost

Hi there,

I have a little problem with the overthere plugin in XL Deploy. I’d like to set up an Infrastructure CI which contains an overthere.SshHost type CI. In the Common section you can specify which host, port, operating system, username, and password should be used when connecting. This is all good and well. However I’d like to specify username and password at runtime. So I’d like to use variables, but that does not seem possible. Things like ${User} or {{User}} won’t be substituted with the real user at runtime.
Is there a way I can achieve this? Or do we always need some fixed credential when accessing a host via overthere.SshHost?
Furthermore, I’d like to know if there is a way to transfer a credential securly from XL Release to XL Deploy. My use case requires that a release manager has to input a userID and password right at the start of a release and this credential should be used by XL Deploy later on.

Thanks for reading. Your help is highly appreciated.


Hello Dietrich,

Out of the box there is not a way to do this. There is the community supported xld-personal-credentials-plugin that may be able to help you. Particularly the custom script mode, where you may be able to retrieve the previously entered credentials from XL Release via a rest call. However, this plugin is rather dated, so there may be compatibility trouble with current versions of XL Deploy.