XL deploy rolling out update to high availability websphere environment

Hi all,

We are deploying to a websphere cluster by using xl deploy. This works fine, an application is deployed sequentially on both cluster members.

In the future we want to be able to provide a high availibility enivornment. Which means we need to figure out how to rollout an application without having down time of the application. This also means making clever use of our load balancer when updating an application.

Do you guys have any tips or how to’s for this scenario? We are using the websphere plugin for xl deploy.

Yes, have a first look on the different orchestrators, you need to group your infra into kind of Server Groups…
Depending on the architecture, you also might want to need a loadbalancer, we have several LB plugins. for Example, the F5: https://docs.xebialabs.com/v.22.2/deploy/concept/f5-big-ip-plugin/#features

Hope that helps !