Xl-release 10.3.5 user login issues and templates missing issue

Hey guys,

we are running xl-release version 10.3.5 (2 node cluster with HaProxy 2.3). After the upgrade from 10.0.0 we have seen following issues intermittently.

  1. some users are not able to login and it says invalid password(this happens time to time)
  2. Some old templates are missing in xl-release (but after refreshing couple of times , we can find those templates
    This is looks like a session issue. (we use persistent connection)
    we are using the same HaProxy configuration in the xl-release Doc.(10.3.5).

Have you guys face any of these issues with version 10.3.5 ? please let me know if you have any solutions for the above.
thanks in advance

Templates should be in sync. What kind of database do you use?

You could disable session storage:


i.e. try with xl.server.session.storage.enabled=false

Thanks for the reply @ilx.
we are running 10.3.5 with 2 nodes HaProxy. Do we need to enable session management in the xl-release.conf ?
do we need to enable this ?
xl {
server {
session {
storage {
enabled = true
cleanup-cron = “0 0/5 * * * *”

we currently have this
xl {
cluster {
# mode: “default”, “hot-standby”, “full”
mode = full
name = “xl-release_cluster”
akka {
loglevel = “INFO”
actor.debug.receive = off
remote {
log-received-messages = off
log-sent-messages = off

Parameter Description
enabled Whether to enable session storage. Default is true.
cleanup-cron Cron expression to cleanup expired session data on regular intervals. Default is “0 0/5 * * * *”

that means session storage is enabled by default ?

Default value for enabled is true. In your config you would have to disable it (make enabled=false).
Also, make sure you have sticky session enabled on haproxy so users would be redirected to the same node.