XL Release + Robot Frame work+Selenium


Does Any one have experience with XL Release with Robot Frame work with Selenium ? If so please share the steps to be followed ?



I have been working on this myself. I use a shell task or remote shell task to kick off the robot commands to perform the test. I am working on figuring out where to put the output and how to determine failures and such., I looks like I will have to do some parsing right now. But the step I have is to pass the location, execution and test and then standardize the call to robot with the output going to the output file and then reading the output for PASS/FAIL if FAIL is found then error the task returning a 1 to task caller else 0 to task caller. It’s been a little flakey as I wish I had a better way of handling output and pass fail. I may have to actually breakdown and actually create a plugin because well no one else has.

One of my selling points on robot over cucumber was that I am not the only person writing tests but I don’t have programmers I have support folks and so keeping gherkin like language was so much more beneficial to me and so robot looks to be the better answer. With the Python scripts I have been working on keeping the data separate with IoC design and in that case I have portable input and portable output. Combine with a container and create and destroy I can test XLD and XLR and Jenkins in a test environment spun up and spun down as needed.

Moving to Kubernetes later on this month is my next step.