XLDeploy & Jenkins, how to undeploy?

We are using the XLDeploy plugin for Jenkins, so we can make a pipeline for deploying. Also this way we can use XLI to use environment, dictionaries and infrastructure etc ‘as code’ so we maintain all of it in GIT and upload it to XLDeploy when needed or changed.

For deploying we are using the xldCreatePackage, xldPublishPackage and xldDeploy commands in Jenkins to resp. create a new package, upload it to xldeploy and actually deploy (or upgrade). So far so good.

But how do i undeploy from Jenkins? Or a rollback in case something goes wrong?

You could consider having a template in XLR to undeploy (or to deploy too for that matter) and using that from jenkins.

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This is new for me :slight_smile: what is XLR, and how does this templating work? Do you have a link or something?

The latest Jenkins plugin has Rollback built in:

Release is more for orchestration of e-2-e Release Processes:

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