Xlr help menu plugin to override default urls


I see the idea of the plugins to add menu items. I see the selectors and how they get added. If there are selectors involved wouldn’t be possible to override the help menu items to point internally for help first? There has to be a way to modify the example of adding menu’s to modify menu I just haven’t gotten the selectors to find the correct item …yet

Any one try this out ?


Hi, If I understood your request correctly, you want to override the help menu to point to your companies internal resources. I don not think this is possible, you can add menus , example: create a menu call it “Internal Helpdesk” and put you own ressources in there …
Example: https://github.com/xebialabs-community/xlr-custom-report-plugin/blob/master/src/main/resources/xl-ui-plugin.xml

Best regards, Matthias