XLRelease Templates as Code

Looking for options to leverage XL Release Templates as Code and storing templates in version control / git. I see that we have the following options available to us:

  • Export / Import Templates
  • DevOps as Code
  • xl cli
  • xl api

All of these seem to have a requirement some form of CI/CD pipelines to sit in front of XL Release to keep XL Release in sync with new changes to the templates in source code.

Is there another way to get the same capabilities as Jenkins? So the ability to configure a “shell” jenkins job and instruct the job to pull the Jenkinsfile from version-control?

HI Jesse,
thanks for your question.
Export/import templates as xlr files is seen kind of the old way of doing things.
xlr files in fact are technically zip files with the template config in it. They are in since the beginning of the tool.
Today, there is also the ability to store templates already in version control:https://docs.xebialabs.com/v.9.0/release/how-to/using-template-version-control/#restore-and-compare-templates
XLR is then using the templates directly from VCS …

Later we developed the “DevOps as code” approach. this is better suited for modern environments.
the CLI in fact is part of that, enabling the DevOps teams, to export and import templates as yaml files.
As you have recognized, it is still export/import, but with CLI it is now completely automatable and better to save in version control thant with xlr files.
What we are working on right now, is the possibility to have a “gitops” kind of approach, where you xlr can react on changes in the template repo and automatically update/reload templates available in XLR.

What you could to today (with some effort), is:

Some scripting snippets are here:

Thanks for the detailed explanation! We’re attempting to minimize the number of UI clicks needed to get a new project up an running in XL Release so unfortunately the approach of adding a new job to enable a gitops feel does add additional steps. Having said that I can see how it would help with the helping automate future template changes and auto applying template changes on commit.

Im interested in knowing more about the gitops feature that you guys are working on now! Is that something that is on a roadmap and perhaps a target release date?


Hi Jesse, thanks for the feedback.
For the Roadmap, best thing is to connect to your account manager at digital.ai … Where is your company located, so I can find the right contact to connect with you ?